Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally Free

This year has been a year of spiritual healing. I remember saying to my thyroid doctor in September 2008 that I felt I had done everything I could physically (in my own strength) to do on her nutritional program to heal my gut from the leaky gut syndrome she had diagnosed me with 6 months earlier. I was now going to seek a spiritual healing path. Sometimes it takes us to do things in our own strength and fail to understand that we need to rely on God for everything!

So my path this year included many instances of freedom. God used many people, and many places. Some of them included His Word, the Cleansing Streams ministry, prayer services at my church, prayer and bible study with my small group, books and dvds on spiritual warfare and deliverance, my own prayer life and even video clips I found on the internet. I would say the theme of this year has been revelation. Once the Lord shows revealed something not pleasing to Him, I could repent and get freedom from it. My worship has grew from lukewarm to passionate once these obstacles were removed.

I was still fighting one area spiritually, the spirit of rejection, quite a bit so I knew I was not yet totally free. Doors opened in my life that I met people in my life that led to someone with a personal deliverance ministry. So I felt the Lord was leading me to go through this process I believe because He has been calling me into this ministry in some way.

This week I went through personal deliverance with Don Dickerman. A couple weeks before this appointment I would feel a sting on my foot and sometimes my arm. It felt like an ant stinging me, but there was no ant. Don told me it was quite common that the enemy knew his time was short, and it was a common effect of knowing deliverance was near. I also got a yeast infection, which I’ve only had a few times in my life. I also felt this was an attack to keep me from going to my appointment. I took the medication for it, even a strong oral one, and I was not surprised when the discomfort from it lingered longer than normal.

The deliverance process is quite simple. We prayed a prayer of repentance cancelling all the enemy’s rights to remain within my emotions, will and flesh. The holy spirit took up possession of my spirit when I accepted Jesus as my savior. Don then called all the spirits within me to line up in order of rank, and to remove their crowns and to come before Jehovah God and under His authority. Don instructed me to keep my eyes closed so I could focus on what these spirits would say through me. I had to ask for Jesus’ help to give up that emotional control to do so. I realize now after the session is long over that Jesus was there blinding me from seeing the spirits. Jesus knew it was more than I could take because all I saw was white light. Don said some people do see them, but I’ve always been very sensitive to dark things and will not even watch nearly any movie with spiritually dark things in them because I know I cannot handle it. I am a very visual person and I had a hard time getting any visual on the demon type, and didn’t see their name either. So it worked better when Don asked the type because the spirit would respond to the type more often in a yes or no answer.

Don told me to say the name that the spirit gave me, regardless of how weird it sounded. Don would ask and sometimes it was just silent. He had to remind the spirit that it was before Jehovah God and then they spoke through me. They didn’t take over my voice with another voice, but sometimes the answers came so quickly. I just spoke what I was given to my mind, and sometimes it was so fast that it felt like my mind didn’t really process it. Some of the names were spoken through me very quickly. I had to repeat them to myself to spell them. The spelling came but it was a slow process at times because I’m not an auditory learner, but visual. So, as we started, I kept hearing Adonai, Adonai, Adonai in my mind as he spoke. He called them forward and asked for the highest ranking spirit. And so I said “Adonai” when he asked for the highest ranking spirit’s name because that’s what I kept hearing in my mind (Adonai is the Hebrew name of God; I found out later when I looked it up. I knew it was biblical). Don rebuked that name, and asked if that name would stand before Jehovah God. “No”, I immediately answered and giggled. “What is your name?” asked Don. “Abomini” said the spirit from me. “Where are you located and what is your function” is the next question Don asked. It was in the thyroid and I forget the function. Don asked if it has any right to stay. “no” was the answer. More into the delieverance, the spirts became more flippant. It was a “no, pffft” answer instead of just “no”. He’d ask what kind of spirit it was, knowing the type would give him the clue as to who could be there with it. A bug, a bird, and a scorpion are a few I remember. Knowing the type, Don could ask if so and so was there under this spirit. This Abomini lied a lot because through the process Don found one spirit known to be a higher rank, so at that point Don commanded the spirit to repair and restore all things as God intended them to be and sent him back to the heavenlies and to the one inside of me to the abyss in the name of Jesus. As whatever spirit or spirits left, I deeply exhaled. There was no head spinning, yelling, or even coughing.

This was the process. It’s as simple as finding their name of the highest rank one. Finding out if they have any legal right to stay and then casting them out in Jesus’ name. Don went after the Prince spirits to find out who was in charge. What kind of spirit is it? Where were they located. Do they have any right to remain? In my case, none had the right. I had nothing like unforgiveness or sin holding me back, but these spirits are like brats…. They are not going to just leave on their own. Once commanded under the authority of Jesus, they must leave. A few of them gave fake names, one being Kikimama. I’m not sure how Don knew they were fake, perhaps it was the mocking laugh I let out on some of them. These brat spirits were quite funny to watch at times at how deceiving they tried to be, but they could not lie under God’s authority. And at some point I was laughing so hard that Don recognized a mocking spirit he had already come in contact with, Pointdexter. The spirit identified himself in agreement when Don asked. Another one gave a fake name, but it was really Kershus or perhaps Kelman. I’m already starting to forget the crazy names like that and Crycicacile and Telan. He asked location of the body, and commanded everything be put back in order and working as God intended before casting them out in Jesus name.

The spirits were located in my left ear causing confusion, top of my head, in my eyes causing disfunction, in my pituitary causing disfunction, in my gut causing the leaky gut. There was someone in charge of rejection, an emotion I had not yet had victory over. The spirit said it was in charge of walls. I believe it was in the gut as well. There were 3 prince demons each having 31 below them. Don only dealt with the prince ones making them fix the disorder or anything else wrong the killed, robbed or destroyed, back into what God intended and commanded them to leave with all its underlings in Jesus name. I had filled out a pre-session questionnaire which guided Don into what demons had destroyed , or perhaps what issues and health problems were in my family. One was alcoholism, which is not something I have ever struggled with myself, but I knew it had broken up my grandmother’s family when she was young. The spirits of alcoholism were indeed present when Don called them forward, even though I don’t struggle with the issue. Some of these spirits had gotten into my life through a generational curse, which is probably true for the alcoholism. Some had open doors through trauma: One was falling off my bike when I was 11 and getting hurt. That situation was in my mind when asked by Don. Some came in through anesthesia from surgeries. And, some was from my own sin. All of them answered how or why they were there when asked. They were on trial under God’s authority and could not lie.

Once we got through everything I listed on my form, Don commanded any unnamed demon and the 3 prince demons to leave. This was a more violent release and I yelled several times and then it was done, or so I thought, lol. I still had a pain across my chest. We went back and confronted this pain. It was one named Tarsus, located in the heart and responsible for heart disease (which 2 or 3 of my grandparents suffered from). He was asked why he didn’t leave when directed, and said, “eh, didn’t want to”. Don asked it if it was a renegade, which the spirit said , “ya”. Then it left uneventfully with an exhale when commanded in Jesus name. Don said that sometimes happens when a spirit knows its power has been cancelled and can only just “hang out not doing anything” so it brought the tightness and pain to my consciousness so it would be dealt with.

My session was then complete, and I was free~! Don said my countenance had totally changed from when I came in. Each day, and every minute of the day can bring temptation, but with God’s help we can walk in victory. We must put on the full amour of God. We must resist those doors of temptation and the devil will flee from us. They are still out there in the heavenlies, but unless I open a door through sin or trauma, they will not return. The generational curse ones have been canceled and paid for through the blood of Christ and cannot return. And, as I told Don, once you know better, you can do better~! (quote by Maya Angelo). Take the revelation God gives you in each situation and turn to Him. He will protect us from the evil one. God bless you all~!


As my spirtual journey continued this summer, I had the opportunity to attend a healing service with my friend the second weekend of August. At one point in the service, the speaker talked about God's spare part inventories. He spoke of someone who had visited heaven either through a dream, vision or spiritually and had seen rooms full of new body parts, just waiting to be prayed into use by those on earth. Anyone who wanted to come forward to pray for a new part was welcome to come up. So, I went up with maybe 2o others in the front. Each one was asked which body part they needed and prayed over. Once I announced my thyroid when asked, and was prayed for, the man was lightly touching my head. I felt the spirit of God come on me and the next thing I felt was feet falling underneath me. Someone was behind me and caught me, helping my body lie on the floor. You've probably seen this process on tv. Well, I'm here to say that it's REAL. They didn't push me at all. I just crumbled at God's spirit. I was aware at what was going on around but I didn't even try to get up. I just laid there on floor basking in the glory of God. Jesus sent a warmth over my neck and I knew He was healing my body with a new thyroid. Heat is a very common symptom of healing from the Lord. It felt like a gentle heating pad that was warm, not hot. In a few minutes, maybe 5, I felt like I could stand up again.

Later that day, I had a headache like I've had a few times before. It felt like I had too much medicine in my system, raising my blood pressure, which gives you the headache. I prayed over myself, laying hands on my head that Jesus would adjust my hormone levels and blood pressure. The headache subsided at the command of Jesus' name.

The next morning, I prayed if I should continue taking my Armour. The answer was immediate and a strong, "no, no, no, no, no". So, wanting to make sure, I asked again, lol. It didn't change. So, in obedience, I threw it all away. I went to my doctor the following week, and told her about my experience. She actually was very happy for me, and she told me to make an appointment in 3 months for a TSH blood test.

I've been off my medication for about 3 weeks now. My weight is stable. I don't have any symptoms that I had before and my energy levels have been good. I look forward to seeing my blood test levels in 2 more months~! Thank you Jesus for the healing~!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The spiritual side of healing my body

We love to feel in control and think we can do it all ourselves. This is especially true for myself being a very independent person. God created this in me for a purpose, but I felt last fall that I needed some spiritual cleansing after I had done the initial physical cleansing for my yeast syndrome caused by hypothyroidism. I had done everything in my own strength and yet healing of my yeast syndrome eluded me. Sometimes we are slow to accept the free gift of healing from our creator, but He is there just waiting for us to ask. There is sometimes a transfer. We give up to get. Usually it involves something ungodly in our life, unforgiveness toward others is the most frequent one. But, it could be bitterness, anger or other things too.

My church sponsors a program called Cleansing Streams, and it was the beginning step in my spiritual cleansing. ( ) It’s a ministry of deliverance or spiritual cleansing. Why would a person who has given their life to Jesus need cleansing? Sometimes when you accept Jesus as your personal savior, he does a supernatural healing all at once, but other times God allows us to take a longer path. Some of us don’t surrender everything at the time we accept Jesus as our personal savior. As the Holy Spirit reveals things you need to give up or repent of, then the healing follows. Sometimes we take back what we have previously given up and opened doors for evil to come back in.

Jesus is the only one born into this world who became a perfect sacrifice, allowing Him to become our intercessor to a Holy God. I also studied many religions last fall and found for myself that they all either made one do all the effort in their own strength to get to a heavenly realm or they relied on the one’s works. Jesus requires neither. When we give up our efforts and works to allow Him to do it for us, we get the power of the most High God just for the asking. It truly is a free gift available to anyone. It’s true that once we accept Jesus to come in and cleanse us of our sins, we our possessed by the Holy Spirit. It is a gift of the Holy Trinity, which is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Yet, we can struggle if we do not repent and turn from our sins. Once we do, we can renew our minds and be transformed.

Romans 12:2 (New International Version)
2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

So if the Holy Spirit takes up possession of our spirit, where can evil reside? God did not create robots. He wants us to make a choice for Him every day. He allows possession of evil in our flesh, emotions or our will. We can open doors to allow evil spirits to come in by participating in things not of God. Things that have promise of power that are not of God. Looking for power in all the wrong places~! There are many of these things in our culture that seem so “normal”, but they are actually gates of evil. When we give into emotions that are not of God, especially unforgiveness, it opens a door to evil to have permission from us to reside in one of those three places: our will, emotions or flesh. Then there are gates of trauma that were out of our control by the sin of others: humiliation, anger, addictions, immorality, spoken curses. We can be affected by the sins of our ancestors to the third or fourth generation. Generational curses are mentioned in verses: Exodus 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18; Deuteronomy 5:9. Evil also finds gates into us through sickness, birth trauma, surgery. And what Christian would make an oath or vow that seems perfectly benign, but it actually allows a gate because it’s a cloaked religion that is ultimately against God or something of secrecy. See Don Dickerman’s book, “When Pigs Move in“ for a full explanation of each of these. (

So this is the path of discovery and healing I have been on this year. In the fall, I first attended the Cleansing Streams group meetings, which were 10 weeks of learning via video and book discussion in a small group. It was all geared toward the Prayer Retreat near the end of the 10-week session. During the prayer retreat, which I fasted 3 days leading up to, God showed up to get rid of these spirits that were hanging out in my will, emotions and flesh. Periods of fasting and prayer produce great spiritual results, many of which fall into the realm of a breakthrough. I found while fasting and praying that I was to break the generational curses of my paternal great-grandmother. I didn’t know much about her, although I was told by my grandfather many times that I resembled her quite a bit. My parents later told me that she was a very independent person, who divorced my great-grandfather and had many boyfriends after that. She died rather young in her 60s shortly before I was born.

2 Chronicles 7:14:
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

The cleansing streams has several topics that everyone gets prayed over on a personal basis. I had the biggest physical release with the spirit of rejection. I screamed the spirit out. I didn’t intentionally scream. It just happened as the person prayed over me. I found after that the hold of rejection by other people did not have the hold on me that it had in the past. My emotions were not as negative. This was the first step in my spiritual cleansing.

Our church also has Wednesday night prayer services and a few weeks after the Cleansing Streams retreat, I found myself in a huge release. As soon as the prayer started, my body was sobbing and then convulsing as whatever had a hold of me was so deep. I had not even gone up for myself, but I was standing in asking for prayer for my very ill father-in-law. God honored my request for myself. I was so full of His Spirit by the end of the prayer, that I could not walk back to my seat. My body continued to shake, which is another sign of the healing touch of God. The next day I had more energy in one day than I usually had all week. My healing continued.

In the spring, my husband decided to go through the Cleansing Streams program, so I went through it again with him. This time, God was very specific in what the person was to pray as I was prayed over. I felt the words come into my Spirit as I waited for my turn to go up for prayer. I found more healing and healing in my marriage as I went through it with my husband. It positively affected the whole family.

In early May, I met Karen Mayer Cunningham who spoke at my friends’ writers group. She wrote a book, Defying Autism, on healing and how her son James was healed of autism through prayer and deliverance. . While telling the world of this miraculous story of healing on the Sid Roth show, she met Don Dickerman. So I read Don’s book, When Pigs Move in, and met him a month later in Dallas. My family went up to one of his nights of ministry as he included Karen that night also. He basically does the same prayers of deliverance, but in a group setting. While he was talking, I noticed an unsettled stomach, which he explained a few minutes later that it was the spirits getting anxious knowing they were about to be sent to the abyss. When I still felt a tightness around my heart, I kept my hand up to alert him that I needed additional prayer. When he pointed at me and commanded for the spirits to leave, I felt my body let go a big breath of air. I also felt my ear pop. These are some ways to know that something has left the body. I took home Don’s deliverance video and looked at it the following day. I again felt something leave on my breath.

Don has a 14-year-old girl who assists him from time to time. She has been given a gift of discernment from God to know what the names of these spirits are. If you know who you are dealing with, then it is a lot easier to command the specific spirit to leave. The tone of my whole family changed after that night. I personally was not bothered by negative thoughts that plagued my emotions. My son who couldn’t sleep well that past few months and had been tormented with nightmares was now set free. My older son’s anger disappeared. How does this affect my thyroid and yeast syndrome? It’s ALL connected~! Your emotional and spiritual health affects the physical. I believe Jesus is healing my disorder~! And, I’m a much happier person going through this life. I hope my words give you the hope and healing that I have found in my faith.

1 Pet 2:2424 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. (KJV)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

wacko hormones~!

I went back to my doctor on June 13th , and she switched my antifungal again to the strongest Ketoconazole that I haven't had since last spring. She also upped my thyroid to 120mg. I had a lot of fatigue the few few weeks which I could attribute to detox, but eh, who knows at this point. My hair started falling out with abandon about a week ago *sigh* so it's either the increase in thyroid making my hormones go wacko or maybe it's just all part of being 45 and in perimenopause.

I am the strongest I've been, probably ever, mostly from the pilates and or holding yoga poses longer during the BodyFlow classes I take at the Y ( The pilates take brute strength, some of them, and I can see how I've grown with the program as most of the classes have done just two routines the last 5 months because the instructors are new to teaching BodyFlow. There are now 2 instructors that have been teaching BodyFlow longer, and they mix it up with older routines, which makes it more challenging to use different muscles on those days. But, doing the same routines really allows you to watch your body progress. As a Christian, I'm opposed to what the yoga poses mean, but I haven't found a better exercise program that gives me the stretching and increased flexibility. The Y also waters the classes down to be just that, a stretching class. I've noticed that the instructors don't say "namaste" anymore either. Perhaps it was due to my comment to the Y that they are based on Judeo-Christian values, and yet, saying "namaste" can be translated into "I will follow you", not something God wants for us to follow anyone but Him.

I still T-Tapp when I can motivate myself to workout at home, but that happens maybe once a week. When I go to BodyFlow, I do warm-up with T-Tapp's primary back stretch to unkink my spine and get the neurokenetics going so my nerve to muscle is more optimal. I also put my spine back into alignment with some T-Tapp twist (both moves on this dvd: ). With just these two moves before class, I open up my nervous system more so yes, I'm sweating by the end of the warm-up. T-Tapp's also given me fabulous body awareness to make minute body alignment adjustments that pay off big. I push my knee to little toe that others in the class probably cannot see. Also a tucked tush, ribs up and really pushing the muscles in all these moves while in alignment really makes you sweat~! If you let your body go to the point of least resistance, of course it will be a much easier workout, and most people just don't even realize they are letting their bodies do just that.

For the BodyFlow floor work, I always do T-Tapp's Organs-in-place ( ). It's a really quick move that keeps you from developing a rounded tummy. I also always take my Pyruvyl Glycine spray with me to give myself more endurance ( ) I noticed a huge difference in endurance when I started taking it 5 years ago during workouts, and it's helpful in burning fat as well--another reason I sweat more too~!

For moving and sweating as much as I do it's really frustrating that I'm not at my goal size like I was last year. So, I'm praying for hormonal balance and a working thyroid~!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dieting Tips and etc from Mary Shomon

I thought Mary's recent teleconference call was worthy of referencing. She's now a T-Tapper too~! I prefer T-Tapp's alfalfa for the all-in-one pill worthy for diruetics, fiber, hormone balance for hot flashes and anti-cancer properties vs. a host of thing Mary mentioned. You just have to be sure to take the alfalfa 4-6 hours after thyroid because the iron content in it will interfere with thyroid med absorbtion.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

B-12 deficiency

I had a regular 3-month update with my thyroid doctor. I'm feeling so much better than a year ago, yet still not perfect. I can't get away with cheating on eating dairy, which I have gotten used to not eating, but sometimes....a party, event, or ya, I just gotta, lol. She told me to triple my digestive enzymes when I cheat to help my stomach to break down the cheese before it hits my intestines.

But, I mentioned how much my joints hurt, which was new in the last week or so in my hips and feet. I thought my shoulder hurt the last 6 weeks from injury. My doctor diagnosed me with bursitis due to vitamin b-12 deficiency. I have been extremely busy the last month so it makes sense that the stress could have depleted my b-12 reserves beyond what I could replenish with my usual sublingual. My doc gave me my first b-12 shot. The results were pretty well amazing. The pain in my hips and shoulder pretty well subsided within 6 hours of the shot.

I guess b-12 deficiency has been pretty well documented with thyroid disorders:

My doctor told me to be more consistent with the sublingual. I love T-Tapp's b-12 especially when traveling by car. It's way better than caffeine for a boost in energy. It doesn't have the time-costing side-effect of having to empty my bladder due to the diruetic effect of caffeine laced drinks as well.

Most b-12 treatments require more than one shot. Because I don't go in to the doctor's every month, I'm considering a stronger b-12 supplement. The patch from this site looks like a shot-strength b-12 in a patch. It's hard not to have as much energy as I used to, and I can't imagine it's all due to aging when I see what others my age bracket seem to accomplish.

I haven't exercised as much as normal the last month either. I have lost weight since April, but I still feel chubby over last summer's results. I'm probably 5-10lbs over where I was (I'm not one to use the scale) I'm hoping the extra b-12 could help me in that arena as well. I see these women my age and older at the gym take 2 classes in a row and seem to be there no matter which time I go. I guess I used to do 90 minutes of T-Tapp with no problem...I'd like to get back to that~!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been a whole year~!

I started my anti-yeast regimen a whole year ago last week. My doctor took some blood for tests and I got to see where my levels are. Good news is that I do, in general, feel better, but the bad news is that I'm far from healed. My yeast levels are still high and some of my food allergy levels that were low went up. Some had improved so it's not all bad, but still not what I was hoping for after a year's worth of treatment. My doctor switched my enzymes to Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Digestzyme. They have some stomach acid helpers and liver bile extracts. She said one of the biggest problems is my food is not digesting far enough along in my stomach. My age certainly plays a role in the length of time for healing, and that I did not get into this situation in a short time either. Life would not be so challenging if the American diet was more um, ethnic, lol. Chinese and Mexican foods have been staples since I can eat corn and rice. Some things I truly don't miss, but there are times I do want those forbidden foods, which for other people don't pose a problem - namely dairy, wheat and eggs~!

I've also been fighting illness the last several weeks. My oldest had the flu for 2 weeks, and although I never got the flu as he had, I sure did feel the fight. My immune system seemed to hold on as I fed it oil of oregano, vitamin c and elderberry. I also took as many FIR saunas as I could squeeze in. This past week, I've had terrible sinus pressure, which I have since found others with the same symptoms. It's another virus going around I suppose. My middle son has that one as well. I put ASAP silver drops into my eyes which seemed to brighten them up overnight. I'm still congested, but hopefully it will pass and not turn into any kind of infection. My doctor put me on a stronger anti-fungal for a month hoping that would help me boost my immune system as well.

The weather will turn warm again next week into the 80s. That will do my body good as I do LOVE the heat~!